Scientific training program for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers

Scientific training program for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers INCREASING THE IMPACT OF YOUR RESEARCH
Scientific training program for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers INCREASING THE IMPACT OF YOUR RESEARCH

Professional Skills Workshops (open for Helmholtz Munich members)

Helmholtz Munich Writing Workout (postponed to autumn)

Helmholtz Munich Writing Workout (postponed to autumn)

The five-day facilitated "Writing Workout" with Matt Lane

Have you got an article or PhD chapter to write, but struggling to get on with it due to competing demands on your time and energy? Or are you distracted by Facebook or the fridge and just can’t seem to get started and stay put? Do you stay more focused and productive when you’re individually working alongside other people? Whatever your understandable reasons, join a five-day facilitated ‘Writing Workout’ – Monday-Friday, 20-24 June, 17:00-18:00 – to help you make progress in your chapter or article. To help you ‘jump start’ your writing, the first session will be a fully-structured 1 hour ‘writing workout’. From there, in subsequent sessions, participants will follow the simple writing workout structure to advance their writing.

Please note that this workshop will be postponed to autumn 2022. The new date will be announced soon.

Fundamentals of Collaboration and Leadership (postponed to autumn)

Fundamentals of Collaboration and Leadership (postponed to autumn)

Trainer: Matt Lane

Maximum Participants: 30

This workshop provides doctoral researchers with fundamental and easy-to-apply principles and practical strategies to help them collaborate and lead effectively.

Past participants’ feedback of the leadership programme has included: The course was really helpful for me to formalize my more learning-by-doing leadership experience. This framework will improve my leadership skills.

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About the Trainer:

Dr Matt Lane Matt is a highly-skilled, trainer and researcher developer.  With 15 years’ experience of developing researchers - nine of these at the University of Cambridge -, Matt has helped over 8000 early career researchers develop the skills and mind-sets to become leaders in their field.  He has guided research centres, universities and departments to create and deliver world-leading researcher development programmes and initiatives.  He has most recently been working creatively with research institutions to visualise ‘Future Research Leaders’, developing the programmes which will provide, create and nurture the mindsets needed to be a Research Leader of the Future.  Matt is also an Associate Facilitator, for the renowned Centre for Facilitation. 

Please note: The workshop has been postponed to Autumn 2022.

Networking Workshop - Skills to Succeed

Networking Workshop - Skills to Succeed

The workshop will take place on two days 5th and 8th September each day from 9 am - 12:30 noon.

Dr. Rosmarie Katrin Neumann, Impact Dialog

Maximum Participants: To guarantee a high quality of support, the workshop is limited to 20 participants.

Networking - Is it more than a buzzword? Why networks matter in the first place and how to form professional relationships will be subject of this workshop. You will learn about the role of communication and listening for inter- and transdisciplinary relationships as well as analysing your (prospective/potential) networks and networking goals. We want to empower you to communicate impactful with your target groups and thus to build trust and credibility with potential network partners.

Day 1 – 5 September 2022:

  • Reflection and strengthening of your own motivating networking goals
  • Network analysis – status quo and network goal
  • Target group selection
  • First target specific network strategy drafts

Day 2 – 8 September 2022:

The second workshop part shall support you further develop your personal networking strategies. We check out various networking tools and inspirations to improve your own profiles according to your needs and goals, with the help of online social media, as well as offline communication tools, including active listening.

The workshop uses scientific evidence for effective communication and relationship buildung in professional networks.

About the instructor: Dr. Rosmarie Katrin Neumann, Impact Dialog

Rosmarie loves impact, communication and to connect and empower people. As a trained mediator, science communication trainer and former communication network researcher, she has countless pieces of evidence, stories, methods and tools to help you develop your networking strategies for your career success. Find out more about Rosmarie and connect via Twitter @RosmarieKatrin, LinkedIn or her website.

The HELENA Graduate School Office will inform you in a separate E-mail whether you have registered successfully for the workshop or if you are on the waiting list.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

The workshop is divided into 6 modules. The modules  will take place each day from 10 am - 12 noon on:

Modul 1: 27.09.22 

Modul 2: 04.10.22 

Modul 3: 18.10.22 

Modul 4: 25.10.22 

Modul 5: 08.11.22 

Modul 6: 15.11.22 

Maximum Participants: 15

Trainer: Tobias Stahl

The approach of MHFA Ersthelfer

More than 40 percent of all people in Germany experience a mental disorder in the course of their lives that should be treated. Although mental disorders are so frequent, this topic leads to uncertainty, fear and prejudices. Therefore, prevention, early recognition and destigmatization are important in this field.

MHFA Ersthelfer addresses these aspects. The MHFA course for mental health is based on the principle of physical first aid: In a 12-hour course, every adult can become a mental health first aider.

In the MHFA course, employees learn to recognize and address a colleague’s mental health problems in time. They acquire basic knowledge about various mental health problems, which they can use to provide support and information when talking to a person that may suffer from a mental health problem. An important aspect of the course is learning and practicing how to encourage others to seek professional help and to activate their resources.

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Registration open.

The HELENA Graduate Student Office will inform you in a separate E-mail whether you have registered successfully for the workshop or if you are on the waiting list.


"Data Visualization Workshop: Best practices in data visualization and ideas beyond printed graphics" - Core Facility Statistical Consulting

Graphics are an essential part of any publication. Good graphics can improve the understanding, credibility and make an impact. In these workshops, we will discuss the importance of data visualizations, important considerations for their construction, and possibilities for animated and interactive graphics. The program consists of a series of 3 lectures and 2 exercise classes.


Career Center One-on-One Coachings

Career Center One-on-One Coachings

Are you wondering if you should stay in academia or look for alternative careers?

Do you want to find your dream job but are not sure in which direction to go?

With the help of one of our coaches, you will discover your skills and interests, define your values, and translate all that into suitable job fields and career paths.

Our One-on-One Coaching sessions also include – but are not limited to – other topics, such as:

  • exploring your chances and opportunities in academia and beyond
  • optimizing your application documents
  • conducting mock interview sessions in preparation for upcoming job interviews

If you are interested in unlocking your potential, contact us today and schedule a one-on-one coaching session!

Learn more about One-on-One coaching services at the Helmholtz Munich Career Center here.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Career Center Online Walk-In

Career Center Online Walk-In

Do you want to have a first opinion on your CV?

Do you have a quick question on your career development?

Or do you simply want to learn how the Career Center can help you with your next career steps?

On Mondays and Thursdays, from 11:30 am - 01:00 pm, without prior appointment, the Career Center offers 20-30 minute online sessions for Doctoral and Postdoctoral Researchers.

Some common questions covered during these walk-in sessions include:

  • CV-check 
  • Resume and cover letter writing
  • Professional status check
  • Career Q&A: Career-related questions

Learn more about our Online Walk-In here.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Excellence in International Scientific Communication

Excellence in International Scientific Communication

Individual web-based coaching programme specifically for PhD students using digital formats for their upcoming oral defense of the dissertation.

Overview: A web-based support package for individuals with upcoming PhD defences, conference presentations or project reports which will be conducted online.

Coach: Dr. Paul Charlton

Format (all web-based):  • 10 minute intro call to test Skype (etc.) and clarify objectives.  • 45 minute planned call for first run-through.  • 45 minute follow-up call final rehearsal.  • 10 minute de-brief call after the presentation is conducted.

Coaching is conducted in English language but presentations can be rehearsed in German language if required.

Registration: Please contact HELENA GSO if you are interested in the coaching.

For further information click here.

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Further training opportunities including the mandatory statistic courses (organized by the Core Facility Statistical Consulting) for doctoral researchers are offered by the Center's Human Resources Development.

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This focus program is provided by HELENA, the Postdoctoral Program and the Career Center for Postdocs and Doctoral Students within the department Strategy, Programs, Resources (SPR) - Scientific Talent and Career Development.

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